Workout Wonder: The Coregasm

An ab ripping enthusiast, I'm constantly on the lookout for creative ways to strengthen my core. Departing from the routine of doing mundane crunches, I often mix it up with core-engaging planks, gravity-defying hanging leg lifts, among others. Usually after an intense round of ab exercises, I start to feel the burn. Yet on a few exercises, the "burn" was replaced by a different sensation-- one that was, well, sensational. I had to stop a few reps early, thinking, "What the heck?! Are my abs that weak?"

Then I came across an article in Women's Health magazine and was relieved to learn that a) I'm not the only one experiencing this incredible phenomenon, and b) it has a name: a COREGASM.

Not only does "Have An Orgasmic Workout" explain the physiological reasons for experiencing a coregasm, it provides numerous other exercises that will induce such feelings of pleasure. Gold mine.

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