The Space Between

Between two pieces of bread the possibilities are endless and it is in this space that my creativity thrives. Yet, when it comes to sandwiches, I am a notorious "over-stuffer." I want to have it all in one bite, but after a few too many jaw-popping incidents, I am convinced that I need to become more selective in my fillings. Sure, cramming turkey, spinach, tomato, cucumber, avocado, apple slices, sprouts and mushrooms on a crusty ciabatta would be nutritious and delicious, but chances are I wouldn't be able to open my mouth wide enough to enjoy all of the ingredients. Picking just three or four of the most essential items will increase the creative combinations and allow each ingredient to play a key role instead of becoming lost in the layers. The challenge to find which pairings are most satisfying together is something that now possesses me. And it seems as though I am surrounded by this sandwich craze--

Exhibit A: The April issue of Martha Stewart's Whole Living magazine features "Build a Better Sandwich" , providing 30 combinations that elevate the humble sandwich into a platform for a unique and well-balanced meal (and inspiring visuals of each creation).

Exhibit B: Saveur Magazine's latest = the sandwich issue

Exhibit C: In one of their recent daily e-mails, Tasting Table highlighted Scanwiches -- a blog featuring scans of every sandwich that graphic designer Jon Chonko has ever eaten.

The sandwich is no longer just a boring lunchtime staple; it has been reborn and is being celebrated for its versatility. And I for one am joining the crusade to push the boundaries of what the sandwich can be to expose its full potential.
Layers in my creation above (top to bottom):

multigrain flax bread
sliced tomato
green tuna salad {avocado+arugula+spinach+drizzle lemon juice+drizzle olive oil (blended in food processor) + 1 can of chunk tuna + crushed walnuts}
thinly sliced gala apple
multigrain flax bread

[heat sandwich in panini press]

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