Kindred Spirit

I recently discovered another artist who not only shares my passion for painting water reflection abstractions, but also shares my name (though alternatively spelled).

"Light patterns and ever-changing colors of fluid surfaces work as inspiration. Water changes constantly based on seasons, time of day and weather patterns, creating an evolution of color and light play. Moments of reflection and memories they stir become meditative Technicolor explorations of water and light."
- Elena Madden

I admire the contrast Elena achieves in her pieces -- her dramatic use of light and dark demonstrates an ability to capture fluid surfaces both in bright sunlight and at night. I am especially drawn to her night scenes of city lights, which present the urban landscape through an alternative vantage point.

Her colors are incredibly vivid and the range of her subject matter (which includes reflections of city lights, images of concentric rings from water droplets, moving rivers, and horizons, among others) shows how limitless the possibilities are when painting water. Viewing her work inspires me to continue to push my own artistic practice of rendering reflections to new depths.

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