Reset, Go.

Two months since my last post. You know it's been too long when you start to get concerned e-mails from strangers: "You haven't posted anything since August and I wondered if all is well?" All is well. Crazy, but well. [Begin: Excuse] It's been a season of change, with a new job, new apartment, and the chaos/stress that ensues with each. All have arrested my posting frequency -- a pause I didn't intend...alas, time has been a fickle friend. But I sense a revival on the horizon. I've been building up my ammo. Garnering bi-coastal inspiration. There's a roster of things I want to make. And will. For now, I leave you with an Insta-glimpse of how I'm livin'...

 I've been cleaning out old shelves...and stocking new ones.

 Setting up a new place to shoot...and putting it to use.

Experimenting... and outfitting. 


...making pictures... 

...and getting inspired.

[Promise I'll be back soon with a recipe to share. Stay tuned, my friends.]

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