Water: A Statement & Sketches

"You can't trust water. Even a straight stick turns crooked in it." - W.C. Fields

Water. A capricious substance lacking consistent shape or color. Both reflective and transparent. Equally strong and still.

Mirrored on its surface, the physical loses its materiality, shifting instead into an amorphous mess of melted colors. Patterns are built upon transience, arrested for an instant before flowing into endlessly new designs.

This fickle reality fascinates me as an artist, compelling me to create photos and paintings that expose a glimpse of the physical world through a liquid lens. Work that evades a singular reading, instead slipping between solidity and fluidity, representation and abstraction.

Despite being frozen within a moment, the images resist any one fixed point or form. A chance to rest escapes the eye, which instead skims the surface, riding the moments of flow.

Ambiguity manifests as one path flows into another, tributaries feeding off each other -- floating, sinking, merging, repeating -- what is seen less important than the inexhaustible process of seeing it.

[Above: A collection of photo sketches for canvases unborn.]


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